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Why am I here? Discover Your Personal & Professional Mission | David Anderson | TEDxKlagenfurt
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Why am I here? Discover Your Personal & Professional Mission | David Anderson | TEDxKlagenfurt

 “David Anderson is absolutely brilliant.”

– Jim, Redleaf CEO

David Anderson is the Vice President of Global Development at AAR CORP. AAR Corp is a $2 Billion Aviation services firm with 20 locations worldwide listed as a Fortune 1,000. 

David works with Prime Ministers, global executives, and wealthy individuals to develop the aviation sector in the Americas, Africa and emerging markets. David was the International President of Kelikaien (Keep Global) a Chinese "Green" environmental products manufacturing and services firm with 6,000 employees and 16 locations worldwide. He was selected as a Global Shaper by The World Economic Forum and is a Senior Advisor to the Honorary Consul to the country of Moldova. David worked in investment banking at Goldman Sachs in New York and investment management at JP Morgan in Chicago of a $5.6 Billion portfolio. Previously, he was a successful tech founder at School Loan 411 and he was also an aide in the Executive Office of the President at the White House. 

He was the keynote speaker for TEDx Talks "Disruption" conference in Austria, along with an Amazon Category Top 100 & Bestselling Author of "The Delusion of Passion - Why Millennials Struggle to Find Success". His non-profit activities include the World Future Society, iGlow Mentoring and the James R Jordan Foundation (formally the Michael Jordan Foundation). 

He is a proud graduate of Chicago State University with Honors and a participant in Harvard University’s Explorations Program. His proudest accomplishment is taking his grandfather (Korean War Veteran) to the White House West Wing and making him proud.

 “A well written and inspiring perspective.”

– William, Global Books COO

Six-hundred books, four years, and one man. David used the pages between each cover to shape his theory of how the world works. He is now on a Mission to help people and organizations live on purpose. 

10% of Speaking Fees are Donated to Charities that Empower Girls Around the World!


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